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Our company was established in 1991 and our Office is in Hong Kong with our two factories located in Ping Di (Shenzhen) and Huiyang City (Guangdong). Our manager owns factories and offices and there is a 1,000 square feet showroom in our office showing all kinds of bags. We have good experience in making all sorts of bags by using materials, such as Nylon, Polyester, PVC (transparent, semi-transparent & opaque), PU, Canvas, Jeans and other materials. Disregarding items in our catalogues, we also do OEM for our customers who are mainly from Europe, Japan and America. We are capable of making all sorts of bags, such as Cosmetic Bags, Shopping Bags, School Bags, Utility Bags, Travel / Sports Bags, Trolleys and other kind of bags and all sorts of premiums. We have experience in making bags for many famous brand names, such as Coca Cola, Puma (Japan), Hello Kitty, L'oreal, Christian Dior, Revlon and so on. We are also an authorized manufacturer of bags for Walt Disney and our ILS # is ID2215/M822-5412-9.

To elevate the quality of our products, we have continually invested capital to strengthen our factory's facilities and improve the production efficiency.

We have the pleasure in inviting our potential customers to visit our factories in China. We trust this will increase our customer's understanding towards our production systems and facilities. We shall be obliged to have your support and give chance to our company for furnishing you our services.



Both of our factories are about 6,000 square meters and are composed of three 3-storey buildings. As for those buildings, they are mainly for manufacturing, lodgings for workers, office and warehouse. There are around 500 - 550 workers in each factory equipped with 300 sets of sewing machines (including computer-operated sewing machines). There is a logo print department in one of our factories.




6 Sets <=> Mould Cutting Machine
300 Sets <=> Lock-Stitch Machine
50 Sets <=> Double-Needle Lock Stitch Machine
50 Sets <=> Cylinder-Bed Machine
90 Sets <=> "DY" Inter Lock Stitch Machine
6 Sets <=> Computer-Operate Lock Stitch Sewing Machine
10 Sets <=> Heat Sealed Machine
5 Sets <=> Hot Stamping And Sticking Machine